kalicoepicMy name is Kalianne L. Neumann, and I am a fourth year doctoral candidate in the Learning, Design, and Technology program in the Department of Career and Information Studies at The University of Georgia.

I earned my B.A. in English-Language and Literature from the University of South Carolina. Additionally, I earned my M.A.T. in English Secondary Education from Kennesaw State University. Following graduation from the Master’s program, I moved to Oregon to begin teaching. I taught high school English for one year, which was followed by two years of middle school International Baccalaureate English, Social Studies, and Design/Technology. Additionally, I taught online high school English for five years.

My interests include how technology can promote meaningful learning in K-12 educational settings; I am specifically in how this happens with learning in secondary classrooms and writing instruction in secondary classrooms. This website, which has expanded upon the Learning, Design, and Technology program’s First Year Review portfolio, will explain my experiences and research interests.

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